SJCAM Quick Release Buckle for Go Pro Hero SJ Cam YI, Black

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Product Description

  • The mounts attach your Gopro to other Gopro accessories easily.
  • Fits for helmet, chest mount or sticky adhesive mounts etc.
  • Easily secures camera housing to mount base.
  • Connect directly to the waterproof Housing.
  • Small in size and high quality.

SJCAM Quick Release Buckle Description: This SJCAM Quick Release Buckle Mount gives you the freedom and flexibility to capture a variety of angles instantly. This comes with a Release Buckle mount. This mount’s adaptability makes it perfect for attaching the camera to flat or curved surfaces when snowboarding, skydiving or skateboarding helmet.

Package Include: 1 X SJCAM Curved Surface Mount 1 X Screw.

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