SJCAM 360 Degree Rotation Base Accessory

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Product Description

  • ORIGINAL HIGH-QUALITY SJCAM accessories for SJCAM and also Support other action cameras as well such as GoPro YI etc.
  • Helmet mount for your action cameras, perfect for all bike and sports helmets.
  • Gives you a near-eye level point of view by securely fitting around your ski and sports helmets, both hands remain free.
  • It allows you to capture forward-facing footage by mounting your SJCAM action camera on the helmet.
  • If required the adhesive pads can be cleanly removed when heat (hairdryer) is applied.


SJCAM 360 Degree Rotation Mount with Quick Release Buckle and Vertical Surface Mount.

This SJCAM 360 Degree Helmet Curved Surface Mount gives you the freedom and flexibility to capture a variety of angles instantly.

This comes with a curved and flat adhesive mount.

This mount’s adaptability makes it perfect for attaching the camera to flat or curved surfaces when snowboarding, skydiving or skateboarding helmet.

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