3 Way Grip Arm Tripod Phone Holder for GoPro Action Camera Outdoor Shoot Accessories

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Product Description

  • You could use your phone with it replace the remove control to connect your GoPro camera and install conveniently on your GoPro 3way grip arm selfies stick.
  • The mounting screw is aluminum which could be installed more steadiness for your phone holder and 3way pole.
  • Interior includes little sponge, it could lock firm and protect for your 3way grip arm tripod.
  • Lock catch is half annular that easy to operate.
  • This little set could help you use your phone connect the GoPro camera without the remove control.

Smartphone Tripod and Selfie Stick Adapter

  • This device is a little spring-loaded adapter which you can attach to any tripod, monopod and selfie stick, and you can place your phone securely inside the adapter.

  • It has screws on both sides which make it easy to attach it to any type of tripod or GorillaPod or dashcam any other device.

  • It will hold the phone very secured and tight and will not fall out.

  • 2 Position Adapter

  • It has screws on 2 sides, the bottom for a regular tripod or stick, the side one is for GorillaPod or dashcam.

  • Back Cushion pad

  • It has a back pad which will prevent your screen phone from being scratched from the adapter.

  • Anti slip grid.

  • It also has a grip by the end the phone should not slip out from the adapter.

  • Package Include:

  • 1 x phone extensible holder
  • 1 x circle button

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