Accessories Kit for GoPro Hero 2018 7 6 5 4 3+ Session Accessory Bundle Set for Action Camera SJ4000 SJ5000 SJ6 Xiaomi Yi-Flotation Handle+Head Strap+Chest Strap

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Product Description

  • Bike Handlebar Seatpost Holder with Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm - No dead zone as the Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm can be rotated around any direction, you can locate your GoPro camera any position on your bike and motorcycle, shoot with fantastic angle! The foam gasket attached Handlebar Holder can prevent your camera from sliding and heavily vibrating effectively.
  • Head Strap + Chest Strap - Get the first-person point of view videos and photos with our skidproof, elastic, length adjustable and comfortable wearing Head Strap, and our Chest Strap with the same feature enable you breath well during heavy activities and look around the world from the angle of your beating heart. 360 Degree Rotatable Velcro Wrist Arm Strap makes it possible for the GoPro camera’s location from your wrist to arm.
  • Floating Handle Grip + Floating Block - View the underwater scenery leisurely and never worry about your GoPro camera lost with light yellow and red color. Or fix your GoPro on a surfboard and enjoy your surfing, record every amazing surge you experienced. The adjustable blue band ensures the safety and your wearing comfortability.
  • Powerful Car Suction Cup Mount with 2 Adapters - Windshield, engine cover, rearview mirror and side doors, our 3 inches suction cup is powerful enough to attach on your car, shoot at any fantastic angle, record the beautiful scenery on the way, even the splendid moments and perfect drift through rapid corners. 2 adapters for more possibilities.
  • Premium Large Carrying Case + 360 Degree Rotating Backpack Clip Mount +180 Degree Rotatable Extendable Monopod + Wrist Strap for Remote Control + Helmet Strap Mount + Anti-fog Inserts + More Gadgets - More accessory means more protection and much more convenience for usage,Gopro Bundle,Camera Bundle,Accessory Bundle,Head Strap Camera Mount ,Chest Mount Harness,Floating Hand Grip,Sports Action Video Camera,Floating Hand Grip,Accessory Case,Carrying Case go pro Accessories,AKaso Ek7000,AKaso Ek50

Package including : 

  • 1 x Head Belt Strap Mount
  • 1 x Chest Belt Strap mount
  • 1 x Wrist Strap mount
  • 1 x Wrist Strap for Remote Control
  • 1 x 360 Degree Rotating Backpack Clip Mount
  • 1 x Helmet Strap Mount
  • 1 x Bike Handlebar Holder mount
  • 2 x Bike Handlebar Holder mount Adapter
  • 1 x Car Suction Cup Mount
  • 2 x Car Suction Cup Adapter
  • 1 x Extendable Handle Monopod
  • 2 x Handle Monopod Adapter
  • 1 x Floating Handle Grip
  • 1 x Floating Block
  • 2 x Surface Quick Release Buckle
  • 2 x Long Thumbscrew
  • 2 x Flat Mount
  • 2 x Arc Mount
  • 5 x Adhesive Pad
  • 1 x Insurance Tether Strap
  • 12 x Anti-fog Insert
  • 1 x Large Carrying Case
  • 1 x Tripod
  • 1 x Phone Clamp

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